Parks Not Parkways

The biggest threats to our trails network are City proposals to pave the Parkway Trail Greenspace and build a bridge across Jackson Park

The Parkway trail across the north end of the City is one of the main greenway trails in Peterborough. It is a connecting trail between Trent University and Jackson Park (and so a key commuter route). In conjunction with the Trans Canada Trail and the East City Greenway Trail, the Parkway Trail forms a big loop for those wanting to hike or cycle around north and east Peterborough. Beyond the trail itself, the Parkway Greenspace is a priceless linear park offering many benefits to the people of Peterborough, especially children. Besides functioning as a critical link in the City trail network, Jackson Park is a unique gem in the City park system.

Naturally, the Friends of Peterborough Trails group is very concerned over City proposals to pave over this priceless and irreplaceable greenspace.

We have joined with several other groups and many individuals in supporting Parks Not Parkways, a single website for “No Parkway” and “No Jackson Park Bridge” information.

Information about opposition to the Parkway in the 2003 referendum and the Medical Drive proposals (Parkway 1.0) is available at the original No Parkway website.

Help protect the Parkway Greenspace and Jackson Park
If you agree that paving the Parkway and a bridge over Jackson Park are bad ideas, let your councillors know, share the link to this page with others and show your support by joining us on Facebook.
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