The Friends of Peterborough Trails is a collective of individuals and groups from different backgrounds and with different interests who support protection, maintenance, improvement and promotion of trailsĀ in and around the City of Peterborough, Ontario. The Friends of Peterborough Trails is an independent group and is not directly affiliated with any of the many fine groups that build and maintain parts of the City trail system (such as the City of Peterborough, Trans Canada Trail and Rotary). We are not organized around the many activities that use the trail (such as running, cycling or nature study).

The Friends of Peterborough Trails group seeks to communicate and share important information about Peterborough’s trails and advocate for their protection and improvement.

Ongoing news and information is on our Facebook page and posted via Twitter.

You can contribute to our online conversations via our Facebook page and by tweeting your trails news via the #ptbotrails hashtag.

Questions? Feel free to send us an e-mail.